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SECUDRIVE Device Control Basic


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Description of
SECUDRIVE Device Control Basic
Powerful endpoint security solution for company PCs. SECUDRIVE Device Control is the USB port protection program that monitors the actions a user does while he has his USB flash drive and other media connected to the PC. This product was developed to supply small and medium businesses with the ultimate purpose of providing with a USB port security solution. The program allows the security administrator to have an easy to use and maintain program, when he has to lock USB flash drives and other devices such as IEEE 1394, Bluetooth, CD/DVD-RW, and Serial/Parallel/IrDA ports.

SECUDRIVE Device Control Basic also gives the administrator the capability to block the access of unwanted USB flash drives or other devices while allowing registered USB flash drives to work properly. Through this program, the PC can be protected from harmful viruses that are transmitted through USB flash drives. To lock the access of USB flash drives and other devices, the administrator can simply check the box of the desired device to be locked in the categories given. For a more specific security authorization for USB storage devices, it is possible to register the device and set the security boundaries as read-only or read/write. This will allow the registered USB flash drives to work on the given conditions and unregistered USB flash drives unable to connect to the PC.

The other feature that SECUDRIVE Device Control has is the Log Collecting system. This allows the administrator to view a detailed history log on the current connection status of the USB flash drive and other devices. Additionally, a detailed log about the operations performed on files while the USB flash drive was connected to the PC is recorded. By using SECUDRIVE Device Control with SECUDRIVE USB flash drives, the administrator can have an integrated security system both to lock USB flash drives without permission and to deal with data secure by SECUDRIVE USB products.

Features :

Controls various devices
USB, Wireless LAN, CD-RW, DVD-RW, IEEE1394, Bluetooth, Parallel port, Serial port, IrDA port

Collects event log of device usage
It records event log of the devices connected to the PC. Detailed information of the media and connection/disconnection status are gathered.

Collect event log of file usage
File usage on the connected USB devices to the PC is recoreded as an event log. The log includes file read, write, ceate, and delete.

Controls USB devices
It is possible to allow, deny or set read-only for the devices connected to the PC. Also, the manager can only allow designated USB devices.

Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Windows XP, Windows Vista
SECUDRIVE Device Control Basic
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Author: Brainzsquare Co., Ltd.
License: Shareware
Price: $35
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